Join the Bed and Breakfast Association of Calgary

If you are interested in opening a B&B, or are presently operating one and wish to be part of an organization that encourages a spirit of cooperation and networking for the good of all, your membership in BBAC is welcomed.

When you join an inspection is required for the Bed and Breakfast Association of Calgary. Check with our membership representative for more information and to arrange an inspection.

It is also necessary for you to arrange for an Inspection by the Calgary Health Region prior to opening your doors to the public (no charge).

The best way to find out about how to run a bed and breakfast is to book a night in one of our B&Bs; your host will spend time giving you the "scoop" on what we do. Check out our Tips on Starting a B&B.

The Alberta Economic Development has online Guidelines for Development and Operation of a Bed and Breakfast Home in Alberta that you may want to review. Please note that this document is quite old some of the information and contact information is out of date.

Some things you will need to do to get started are:

  1. Arrange for inspections from BBAC and Alberta Health Region
  2. Obtain B&B house insurance
  3. You or a designate must live in the B&B
  4. Pay membership fees
  5. Take pictures of your B&B and prepare a short narrative detailing your place for the website

You should also check out the BBAC Establishment Standards especially with regard to Insurance and Fire Extinguishers. Note that some municipalities have slightly different fire regulations.

A word about dishwashers. B&Bs have an exemption allowing the use of residential dishwashers as long as they are used at the hottest wash/dry setting. If the Health Inspector has any concerns about your dishwasher you will find out during your public health inspection.

BBAC provides extensive advertising for our members with internet webpages, phone lists and memberships/partnerships in other tourist organizations such as Travel Alberta and Tourism Calgary. We have developed regulations and by-laws that encourage each B&B operator to work towards a high standard of quality service for the public.

For more detailed information about the standards of the Association, contact Richard Clark at (403) 288-2978 for more information.

When you decide to join BBAC email clarkrh [at] telus [dot] net (Richard). He will require the Host(s) name, the B&B address and email address.  He will arrange for a free inspection by one of our B&B Hosts.

The cost of the membership for BBAC is being waived for new members.

You could also sign up to become a B&B sitter for one or more of our Bed & Breakfasts. Periodically our B&B owners need a break and would welcome the chance to hire you to run their B&B while they are away. We would provide your name and contact info to our members and any that are interested would contact you directly. Arrangements for training and payment would be made directly between you and the B&B owner. Interested applicants should contact the Membership person listed below.

For more detailed information about the standards of the Association, contact Richard Clark at (403) 288-2978 for more information.

Address of Association

Bed & Breakfast Association of Calgary (BBAC)
6908 Silverview Drive NW
Calgary AB T3B 3K9

Membership Enquires:  Richard Clark 403-288-2978

Contact E-mails: Contact Numbers:
clarkrh [at] telus [dot] net (Richard Clark) (President) (403) 288-2978
vacantrpiggin [at] telus [dot] net ( )(Past-President)  
info [at] hugheshouse [dot] ca (Kelly Smith) (Vice-President)    (403) 804-4431
miedemajack [at] gmail [dot] com (Jack Miedema) (Treasurer) (403) 620-5650
carey [at] shaw [dot] ca (Verna Carey) (Secretary) (403) 286-7041
clarkrh [at] telus [dot] net (Richard Clark) (Membership) (403) 288-2978