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For reservation inquiries, please contact the B&B of your choice directly.
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For general questions regarding membership with the B&B Association of Calgary, please use the information below:

Bed & Breakfast Association of Calgary (BBAC)
6908 Silverview Drive NW
Calgary AB T3B 3K9

For Membership Enquires, contact Teri Collins-English 403-286-0777.

Contact Emails: Contact Numbers:
clarkrh [at] telus [dot] net (Richard Clark (President))
(403) 288-2978
info [at] hugheshouse [dot] ca (Kelly Hughes (Vice-President)) (403) 804-4431
miedemajack [at] gmail [dot] com (Jack Meidema (Treasurer)) (403) 270-8448
carey [at] shaw [dot] ca (Verna Carey (Secretary)) (403) 286-7041
clarkrh [at] telus [dot] net (Richard Clark)english [at] englishbb [dot] com ( (Membership)) (403) 286-0777
english [at] englishbb [dot] com ( )  
info [at] novelbedandbreakfast [dot] com ( )  
stay [at] shangarry [dot] com ( )