Calgary Hotels

B&B – the Alternative to Calgary Hotels
Bed and Breakfast accommodations are an excellent alternative to Calgary Hotels. If you are considering staying in Calgary hotels the B&B Association of Calgary asks you to consider staying in one of their pleasant, friendly, cost conscious bed and breakfast lodgings. All Calgary B&B’s listed with the B&B Association of Calgary undergo rigorous inspections and must meet B&B Association standards.

Calgary B&B's offer amenities not ordinarily found in large, impersonal Calgary hotels. In a B&B there is always a friendly face who knows your name.  They offer interesting breakfast conversation and the host can, for example, tell you where to get shoes to go with the dress you brought for your cousin's wedding, or where to go for authentic Italian pizza and beer.

When you stay at a Calgary B&B you have the choice of a location with a more personal touch than the big Calgary Hotels, a B&B in a residential area with quiet streets or a B&B in the country with mountain views and the soothing sound of cattle lowing in the distance.